The "City of Antinous" - Hadrian's Foundation in Egypt

The Roman Emperor Hadrian built a new city on the Nile in the second century AD and named it "Antinoupolis," meaning "City of Antinous" in Greek.  The site of Antinoupolis is located in Egypt, about halfway between Cairo and Luxor on the Nile's east bank, adjacent to the modern village of el Sheikh Abada.  On this website, you can read about the history of the city, explore what is known about its architecture and urban form, and learn about the archaeological campaigns from the nineteenth century to the present day.

Recent archaeological work at the site is beginning to form a picture of the built form and the inhabitants of this famous Roman city as well as showing how it changed through time.  On this page you can see a slide show of our ongoing yearly archaeological work at the site.  Our next campaign will be in October and November 2017. Stay tuned for updates and new information!

This website is maintained by The Antinoupolis Foundation, Inc. which funds specific, targeted archaeological projects at Antinoupolis, conducted under the direction of the Istituto Papirologico "G. Vitelli" of the University of Florence, Italy.  You can help!! Please make a donation and sign up for newsletters and blog updates.  Thanks!