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April, Tiradritti, Francesco, "Macerie di Adriano," "Il Giornale dell'Arte," no. 330.  To access pdf click here.

18 March, "Al Masry al Youm discovers the looting of the ancient city in al Minya governorate in broad daylight.  Gangs digging for antiquities in el Sheikh Abada and only one guard in charge of the security," "Al Masry al Youm" newspaper, p. 9.  To access pdf of article click here.  To access English translation, click here.

14 March, Dal Maso, Cinzia, entry "Alarme Egitto," in "Filelleni" blog.  To access blog click here.  To access pdf of blog entry click here.  To access English translation click here.

9 March, Osman, Ahmed Zaki, entry "Antinoupolis archaeological site being 'destroyed systematically,'" in "Egypt Independent" blog.  To access pdf click here.